7 Pillars Certification Program

After the completion of any of the in-person courses, you will have the option to apply for your first of hopefully many levels of “7 Pillars Certification” by – A) taking the Online Course (at no extra cost), and B) completing a Project Presentation, on a topic of your choice. A 7 Pillars Instructor – one who you already have experience with during the live coursework – will evaluate your work, and if accepted, will approve your “promotion” (language that is used in karate dojos to signify an elevation of skill level as one receives a newly colored belt). You will receive a completion certificate indicating your level of proficiency, and expectations that coincide with your new level. From there, your “Sensei” (or teacher) can work with you to create a professional development plan that charts out additional skills and career milestones that you aspire to attain over the coming months and years.

Begin the Certification Process

Belts & Levels: The 7 Levels of Skill and Difficulty

The Levels refer to expertise and skill along each Pillar and Mode “track”. 7 Pillars operates on objective measures that take ‘the fluff’ out. The 7 Pillar Self-Assessment App gives marketers a starting point from which they can gauge their true level. Karate Dojo analogies are used to depict the Levels by Belts – White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Black and the ultimate level reserved for masters of the game – Blue Belts.
Your career – either in business and marketing – is analogous to the journey that aspiring Samurai warriors embark upon as they seek personal truth and mastery of their craft. True progress is not easy. It is elusive, which represent the Levels are symbolized by Pyramids (or Temples), which represent the uphill battle required to raise oneself up. Only the most skillful and perseverant digital martial artist ascends to the top and achieves the vaunted Blue Samurai status.
Just like in the Karate Dojo, marketing practitioners progress in ability through the years, hopefully under the direction of one or more strong teachers, managers, mentors or role models.
Everything moves faster in the Digital Age, including the skill levels of ambitious and hard-working Samurais. 7 Pillars breaks everything down into 7 Levels of skill (of the individual) and corresponding difficulty (of the task). For example, a Level 2 SEO marketer should be able to manage Level 1 and Level 2 SEO tasks without a problem. However, Level 3 tasks might present some challenges for this individual.