With our attention spans sapped and our thirst for knowledge insatiable, we want the information we’re searching for in a blog…and we want it RIGHT NOW!! However, this creates a bit of a dilemma for both readers and bloggers alike. On the one hand, if readers can’t find what they’re looking for in a quick […]

Emails and mobile devices play essential roles in the daily lives of almost every American. And with that, email marketing on mobile is exceedingly important. On the outset, it’s worth noting that one of the main goals of any email marketing campaign on mobile devices is to improve click-through rates. In order to effectively target […]

Let’s talk about Pillar 7 – Mobile. One thing’s for sure, the power of video as a digital advertising tool continues to grow and grow…and grow. The consumption of mobile video is here to stay and its poised to account for more than half of all the consumption of video content by 2016. People are […]

An ill-timed tweet or a poorly crafted Facebook post can erode the quality of a business’ brand and lead to a host of negative publicity and awkward public apologies.  Take the social media department at DiGiornio, for example, which recently tried to capitalize on a trending Twitter hashtag, “#WhyIStayed.”  DiGiorno tweeted in response that they […]

Facebook is always at the forefront of cutting edge digital marketing and every ROI driven marketing plan should contain a Facebook component. Facebook’s scale alone often renders it the fulcrum of a successful advertising campaign. In the past, the social platform utilized a cost-per-click paradigm that charged advertisers for every click, like, share, and even […]

Are you a manager of a marketing company? Have you ever been overwhelmed by how to manage the very different personality types that exist in this industry? At 7 Pillars, we believe that team chemistry is important. It can make or break a campaign in any marketing realm (digital, traditional or integrated). The 7 Pillars model delineates these various characters into 7 Marketing […]

Pillar 6: Social Media Hashtags are an integral part of contemporary tech culture; it seems that everyone is using them. In 2010, even the Oxford Dictionary acknowledged the almighty hashtag, affirming its cultural standing.  However, not many people truly understand how hashtags work. Hashtags are by far the most recognized way to categorize content in social media. They help users find relevant content across all […]