The Perfect Agency…

  1. Gets above-average, positive ROI results most of the time.
  2. Increases Enterprise Value (EV) for its clients.
  3. Has low staff turnover.
  4. Has a high client satisfaction rate.
  5. Has high contract renewal rates.
  6. Has high referral rates.
  7. Feels like more of a partner than a vendor to clients.
  8. Makes its clients and client staff smarter.
  9. Develops talent, at every level.
  10. Has seamless knowledge flow throughout its organization.
  11. Reinvents itself constantly.
  12. Has healthy and well-balanced employees.
  13. Operates in a flexible, agile fashion, without bureaucracy.
  14. Is a good corporate citizen, in its community.
  15. Discovers and invents new methodologies, constantly remaining ahead of the curve and seeking to improve upon how its services are delivered.  They invest in Thought Leadership.
  16. Inspires everyone involved with their projects.
  17. Has staff that sustains a positive, can-do, multi-disciplinary approach towards projects and their own professional development.
  18. Doesn’t put out cookie cutter work and solutions.
  19. Has fun and gets things done – at the same time.
  20. Doesn’t make excuses or employ excessive salesmanship.  They keep their promises.
  21. Doesn’t “fake it til they make it” – they’re making it all the time, and it shows.

originally published on blueliner

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